2016-07-23 Advanced practice session

FREE for dancers, $5-$10 for callers (sliding scale).

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My public debut of calling Advanced for a club night is 7/25 at Foggy City, and I want to practice a bit before-hand. Because I'm already picking up the hall rental, I'm offering time to other callers.

(Technically, I just had my public debut in Toronto calling for the student dance after the GCA caller school, and that went reasonably well.)

Saturday, July 23, 1pm-4:30pm
First Baptist Church of Menlo Park
1100 Middle Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

(FBC is often used by Stanford Quads as an alternate location when Fairmeadow is not available. Directions and map. Because this is daytime, we can use the parking lot.)

NOTE: the kitchen is COMPLETELY off-limits (due to certification issues because they run daycare for kids) and we need to clean the place spotless afterward -- there's a breezeway for keeping the food outside.

Some local food options:
There's also a Trader Joe's about a mile away.

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