2015-10-10 One-day caller workshop

End of workshop photo

FREE for dancers, $5-$10 for callers (sliding scale).

NOTE: If you're going to call/dance in the morning, please show up by 9:45am so that we can get started right at 10am.

Please promote this workshop to dancers by passing around the flyer.

MAXIMUM ten callers -- RSVP required for callers. Dancer RSVPs appreciated.

Saturday, October 10, 10am-4pm
First Baptist Church of Menlo Park
1100 Middle Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

(FBC is often used by Stanford Quads as an alternate location when Fairmeadow is not available. Directions and map. Because this is daytime, we can use the parking lot.)

This workshop is partly an experiment in running a workshop for somewhat-experienced callers. Each caller will get at least a 25-minute slot (i.e. a half-hour minus a five-minute break) for two tips. Your choice what you call: patter, singing, or both.

Each tip should run ten-to-twelve minutes to allow for a break in between.

Food will be bring-your-own or go elsewehere (lunch break noon-1pm, minus any delays in the morning session). If people want a potluck, I suggest a public Google Docs to record items (send me the link and I'll post it to the new callers mailing list and here).

NOTE: the kitchen is COMPLETELY off-limits (due to some kind of certification issue) and we need to clean the place spotless afterward -- if it's not raining, we probably will keep the food outside.

Some local food options: http://suekayton.com/PACE.htm#food
There's also a Trader Joe's about a mile away.

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