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Howdy! Welcome to the website of the world's first deaf caller!

I've been calling squares since 2013 and contras since 2012. I'm a CALLERLAB member with BMI/ASCAP licensing and a member of the Gay Callers Association.

I'm located at the north end of Silicon Valley (a half-hour south of San Francisco) and am available to clubs and dances within an hour's drive. For square dances, I call Mainstream, Plus, GDP, and class level. I'm also up for calling two or three tips of Advanced as part of a multi-level dance. (I've danced with the Stanford Quads off and on since 1987. My current main club is Bows & Beaus.)

If you'd like to find out when/where I'm calling, subscribe to my announcement mailing list. I also run a mailing list for new callers -- advertise your caller schools and workshops there!

The teaching philosophy I try to follow is in my Dance RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions).

If you're curious about me, feel free to look at my personal website, especially if you want to learn about Talking With the Hearing-Impaired.

Last update: 9/2016

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